VideoCharge for Windows

Multifunction application for processing video, audio, and image files

This product is intended for quick, easy, and simple processing of one or several Video, Audio, or Image files! VideoCharge is a full-range editor, which allows users to perform practically any operations with incoming files such as:

  • Splitting files up into several scenes
  • Merging several files into a single file
  • Cutting scene(s) out of video files
  • Creating video file(s) based on selected scene(s)
  • Creating thumbnails for video files in manually or automatically mode
  • Addition Watermark to movie(s) or thumbnail(s)
  • Solving Interlace Video problem

Using VC you can split a video film by time, by size, into several equal (by duration) parts. Besides you can automatically split video file by scenes! VideoCharge includes enhanced DVD Ripper and DVD Player, which are intended, except processing DVD contents, to play and convert Mpeg-2, VOB files (.vob), and also to work with a group of VOB files, using index information from IFO files.

VideoCharge allows users to produce video files with effect of 25th frame. VideoCharge is the best application among similar ones to create Video galleries, representing an ability of FTP upload of generated files. It also supports work with command-line. VideoCharge includes a complete Help system and Wizard, which makes your work with VideoCharge simpler, even if you don't have special knowledge!

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